Our Goal

Kinder Castle strives to offer the highest quality early childhood curriculum as possible. The objectives offered at Kinder Castle covers the whole spectrum of learning. Special attention and care is provided to meet each child at their current level, and assist them in learning the skills needed to make the transition to kindergarten a positive experience.

Kinder Castle feels honored at having the opportunity to be a part of any child’s early learning experiences and looks forward at helping each child learn and grow at their natural pace. Serving children from one through five years of age, the Kinder Castle’s mission is to develop within each child a vibrant mind, a healthy body and a caring heart while building a collaborative, supportive community among the families.


In Our Kingdom

Kinder Castle programs are carefully researched and thoughtfully taught. Every day at Kinder Castle is approached with a sense imagination, innovation, and fun to help young children learn comfortably and confidently. Every curriculum includes a variety of interesting and inspiring activities to stimulate early brain development with a focus on creative play.

Kinder Castle encourages a love for learning through working and playing with others. The atmosphere provided promotes fun while learning and ensures that children get the most out of their experiences at school.

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Kinder Castle Int. Preschool

Bunglow No 2 , (Row house No 2, Gupta House, A wing),

Plot No 109, Citi Corner -1 Co-op Hsg. Society,

Sector-29, Vashi, Navi Mumbai – 400703

(+91) 8879956555

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