Come On, Parents

Come on parents….!!!???

A parent walked into my office to enquire about tuition classes for kids. As we do provide assistance in studies I got attentive and started understanding her need and ended up by surprised to know that she wanted “tuition’s classes” for her 3 year old Nursery child.


What??? Why??? 

Let me explain why and what is Nursery or playgroup sections are. Few decades ago there was no concept such as these classrooms, because kids used to explore things more by doing activities in gardens, at home with family members. But in today’s busy life kids super curies brain is not getting nurtured at home. So these playgroup and nursery school concepts are outspread.Age between 3 to 4 years kids are in nursery class. They are going to school for 3 hours(maximum time). They are learning many new things every day. Academics as well as social learning is been emphasis at this age.

Pre- primary section of school is to teach kids all the basic concepts in very fun way with lots of illustrations, practical demo’s, colorful images. In this age kids grasping ability is very very high. So kids easily adapt things taught in school. Their imagination is very creative at this age. So, Things around them, they can see, they can feel and they understand better by their own way.

Tuitions are something which kid need for technical part of studies. E.g. from primary level when there are more number of subjects kids may need assistance in studies to cover it up with each subjects. In tuitions, kids get help to complete homework or worksheet which leads to no creativity but just a formal study.

At preprimary kids need more of observatory activities instead of writing and mugging up. Kids at this age have highest IQ level. So, kids will learn by doing different activities instead of only studies. If parents will force kids to send to tuition it may happen that kids will loose interest of studies by overburdened. Studies should always happen by fun way methods. 

By primary kids have grown up, level of concentration is improved by age. But whereas in pre-primary they cannot sit at one place for longer time due to curious mind. 

So please parents, we understand, may be because of your hectic work schedule you are not able to take your child’s studies at times but trust me they are smarter generation gems they are able to acknowledge better by hands on rather than mugging. So, sincere request to please do not opt for tuitions at least for pre-primary level.

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