Vacation is Breakation!!!!

Wow… holidays have started. No more mundane chores every day is different now.

This is my feeling about summer or any long vacations. I’m sure everyone must be having their own different opinion about vacations.


One of my friend was not as enthusiastic about holidays as kids will be at home and more work will be there for her. Also to invest them in positive activity is a big task. Summer camps are her help for at least two weeks but later that again same thing.

But I feel vacations are important for kids as well as parents. Vacations have the potential to break the stress cycle. We emerge from a successful vacation feeling ready to take on the world again. We gain perspective on our problems, get to relax with our families and friends, and get a break from our usual routines. The benefits of vacations extend to family relationships.

A very famous and successful food artist Mrs. Rakshita Dwivedi from Receipe Dabba says; “we live in a fast paced world and today’s generation hardly has time to breathe….. running from one pillar to another post, life chores literally run the human in you. Our kids aren’t either spared of this wary lifestyle….  I think it’s only the vacations where we all deserve a break from this crazy monotony. I personally feel sometimes doing nothing too it’s a great thing to do. Life without agenda but with freedom to do what your heart feels like and soul guides is the best way to spend vacations. A time when schools are closed and we can let ourselves or our kids do things which give them much more happiness than anything else.

Sometimes getting bored and finding out innovative ways to keep yourself busy too is a life lesson to learn by yourself.”

Bonding between child and parents gets stronger by spending time together in peaceful way. It is very much needed for child’s growth and development.

Few parents like to go outstation on vacation. Going away from home and live in altogether a new environment is itself a task. Going for vacation to outstation is good for kids development. They get to see many new places, get to learn from various modes of travelling. General knowledge, Observation skills, Critical thinking ability of child gets develop by travelling to unknown places. New place which we are exploring is in a way part of kids studies. Different culture, different costumes, weather conditions, Nature, food habbits, and shopping materials everything is new and different. Unknowingly kids start implementing it in their routine lifestyle.

Unfortunately, because of prior commitments or any other reasons many of us cannot afford to go anywhere in holidays. For these kids vacations are helpful in different manner.

In summer camp I have stopped all regular classes of my girl and ask her to do activities of her choice. She is much more creative and enthusiastic than her school days. Her imagination is at different level as she is also not tense to complete some time bound things. She is free to do her own things. This doesn’t mean that we should not look into their life. As I’m Saying that I have given free ship to my girl I also keep on giving her fun tasks by which she will learn new things. E.g. she is good in writing so I asked her to write letters to her cousins in USA, Her grandparents and took her to post office to post those letters. She was very excited. She loves to read so I asked her to join book library and challenged her to complete two books in a week so she can go and exchange book by her own. Forget to mention she is just 7years. So all these activities sounds simple but are important for her development which will improves her knowledge and Creativity.

Studies have proved that with these things child parent bonding is also improves.

One more successful entrepreneur also a Director and my Partner Vrushali Kulkarni has a very beautiful concept of Vacation. She Says; “When we share where we are located it is called “Location” Publisher of content is called “Publications” Similarly vacating stress out of your brain is called “vacations”. Dictionary meaning of vacation is “a fixed holiday period between terms in Universities and law courts”.

Why a fixed period? Vacations can directly associated with learning new things. An educational tour is vacation, family picnics on weekends are vacations, even children or adults is doing something that relaxes their minds e.g. Hobbies like reading, music is also a short vacation. Vacation is a booster for brain. It’s like necessity to keep brain creative and working, then for the same age doesn’t matter. According to me whether short or long go relax your brain to accelerate the life on top most here with no breaks or reverse.”

This is completely true that in day to day life we try so much to take out time but our module is so fixed that we just can’t give quality time to us & our kids. It is humble request to all of you to plan your vacations in such a way where kids will have their own relax time as well as quality time with family members.

Tejashree Patil

Last modified onWednesday, 09 May 2018 10:03

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