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With lots of efforts , Excitement , hurdles , experience we stepped in another year with successful event of Clap n Tap 2015-16. Your support , love , trust made us move ahead with many new events and creativity in learning.

Education in preschool is not just learning but it’s a play way method for a kid to get into the world of competition and ocean of knowledge. Making child believe in themselves is our motive.

Kinder castle concentrate on evidence based & recommended practices for preschoolers. These practices include drama in education, Language improvement, speech improvement , finesse and many more. Kinder Castle international with its activity center also serve elder kids till age of 15 years and we saw them blooming in our annual day function.

India aspires to be a developed and a powerful nation, it wants to play a role in the international community, for that to happen, its economy has to grow multi-fold and for that to happen, it requires a huge force of entrepreneurs who could transform it into a nation which produces, from the one which only consumes. India needs a huge force of innovators who could make it self reliant in all kinds of sciences and technologies. India needs artists who could make its culture the most popular in the world. A culture which is not only saleable itself but also helps in selling India’s products across the world. In a nutshell, India needs Henry Fords, Bill Gates's, Thomas Alva Edisons and Michael Jacksons born and educated in India. One may say we had few. Yes, we had. M. S. Swaminathan who made India self reliant in food grains, Dhiru Bhai Ambani who proved a common man can become a billionaire, Dr. Varghese Kurien who is the father of Amul milk movement, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam who dared to build missiles for India, Pundit Ravishankar who is the ambassador of the Indian music to the world. Such people though in small numbers, were always there. But the question is- are they the products of our education system? No, they were self driven and inspired by themselves.

Kinder castle aspires to be educator in such way that instead of going for competition we believe to make child believe in himself/herself so much that they should not drive nation but they should lead the nation.
We thank all the parents for being with us and we assure you all to serve best.

- Vrushali Kulkarni

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Kinder Castle Int. Preschool

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