Every Child is Different

Title itself says much about it!!!! But in today’s jet speed and technosavy world it is really very much observed that each and every child has his/her own unique treasure. In my preschool Kinder Castle International, I got a chance to observe minor behavioral patterns of kids from age group 1.5 to 7yrs. At each stage kids are distinct.


We (Kinder Castle international) started new session for kid’s age 1.5 to 2 years called “Happy Time”. Our vision to start this session was to utilize the energy of kids in something constructive towards learning. As many of us must be aware that in this age kids are very much energetic. When kids or parents unable to understand and use this energy in positive activity then kids start behaving devastating. Sometime we got to hear that “my kid is Hyper active”. All kids at this age are hyper active. We must make them do some constructive or positive activities so that they will learn to concentrate.

In happy time we play such games from which kids gross motor skills & fine motor skills will also be developed. With the help of which kids can do movements in better way. Also these activities helps to develop hand and eye co-ordination. We elders feel like catching a s ball or flip the pages of book is an easy task …what is there to learn in it. But my friends. This is a task for kids. This important step we learnt at early stage of our childhood. Happy time is one hour session which also teach kids to stay together with other friends of same age group.

I feel this is the age where we start making friends. Though kids cannot remember much about these friends but we discover new expressions. First thing we learn is “Sharing”. Sharing toys with friends, sharing tiffin with friends, pay group activities etc. At home every child is pampered as it is our Masterpiece. For kinder castle also kids are precious but we know our responsibilities.

Till age of 1.5 kids are used to be around mom or family. Happy time’s one hour session also teach kids to stay away from home and enter into another beautiful domain. We call it as ‘preprimary reparation time’. Initial couple of weeks are very tough for kids, parents as well as for us. Because “every child is different” it take some time for teachers to understand behaviors of every child. But once kids get settled in happy time, it is utterly become “HAPPY TIME” for kids.

With this happy note, I say see you all in my next write up…….
Tejashree Patil

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