On the verge of RIO Olympics, with silvers and bronze the participation in India towards sports is not just increasing in number but also it seems typical behavioral pattern over participation of genders  have been reduced. Being educator I must say parents are really working hard towards development of child & making child to be the best of his/ her skill set. 


Parents are creators, they play crucial role for better future of a child.

If we study today’s generation of parents, they tend to put child in preschool / kindergarten from the age of 1.5 to 2.  Many of the grand parents do not agree to put such a toddler for the schooling. But a good preschool/ kindergarten do not burden these kids for studies. It’s a play way method of teaching, children doesn’t even get to know what they are subconsciously learning. So according to my opinion its in a way good to spare 2 year olds brain in social activities. 

There is definitely a difference between child going to school at the age of 2/3 and child directly going to school at the age of 4 (unless parents are working really hard at home for child’s development) as child’s grasping power in age group 2 to 4 is maximum so their creativity and imagination should be channelized by a proper method. Engaging kid from age 2 at good preschool/ kindergarten will help kid to develop sense of making friends. They will explore more, method of playing and learning which will help child to gel up in schooling and studies at the age 4 &5 onwards.

I being preschool & activity center owner, I see variety of parents for variety of age group. The tendency of parents is positively changing. It’s because of many factors 1st and foremost is social media, thanks to few very good social networking sites the parents are over aware about the child engagement and development. Many of the celebrities are also involved for these which makes parents gets attracted to these e- learning.

Other than internet surfing parents are not just pampering but also they make sure that child understand the value of their surroundings. Parents also pay attention over mental, social & physical behavior of a child. So much so that if any kid need special attention for his/ her behavioral pattern, parents immediately get in touch with the experts for quick treatment of child, which makes child nurture in way he/she needs to be. 

Looking at the increasing ratio of parent’s awareness will lead to make good human being for better tomorrow.


Vrushali Kulkarni

Last modified onThursday, 22 September 2016 12:10

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